VNG Balance Evaluations

Get answers for your balance issues with dizziness testing from Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus (LENTS).

Struggling to maintain your balance can be scary, distracting, embarrassing, and in some cases, dangerous. Trouble balancing can also be a sign that you have an underlying health condition that should be diagnosed by an experienced physician or ENT.

What balance issues are you dealing with?

  • Vertigo
  • Dizziness
  • BPPV
  • Presyncope
  • Unsteadiness

Don’t let your life get out of balance because of dizziness or similar issues. Get back on the right track with Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus.

What is a VNG Balance Evaluation?

A VNG balance evaluation, videonystagmography, may be requested when you’re exhibiting signs of balance issues. In this evaluation, several tests are conducted by a doctor to determine the root cause and the role your inner ear health or central motor function are playing in your balance issues.

What Can I Expect?

Tests conducted during a VNG balance evaluation may vary based on your specific issues. Tests, on average, last around an hour and a half. Your eye movements will be recorded and you will be required to put on goggles during testing. You may experience dizziness during and after the tests.

Common tests during a VNG evaluation include the following:

  • Ocular Testing: When an object is moving, can your eyes follow that object? Ocular testing requires keeping your eyes locked on moving targets at different speeds. This test is intended to determine if you are suffering from any central, vestibular, or neurological issues.
  • Caloric Testing: If your acoustic nerve is damaged, your balance could be affected. Caloric testing checks for damage in your vestibular system by stimulating your ears with air at different temperatures and monitoring your eyes during the process
  • Positional Nystagmus: Vertigo is often caused by an issue in the inner ears. In positional nystagmus, your eye movements will be monitored while moving your head and body.

For additional information on what to expect, contact your doctor before the evaluation.

Preparing for Your VNG Balance Evaluation

Your audiologist and the team here at Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus will help you feel calm and well-prepared for your upcoming VNG balance evaluation. Your preparation may vary depending on your concerns and medical history.

You will receive preparation instructions in advance of your appointment. Common preparation instructions include:

  • Discontinue select medications.
  • Avoid alcohol prior to the test.
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages prior to the test.
  • Do not wear makeup around the eyes on the day of the evaluation.
  • Bring a friend or family member for support and to drive you home.

Get to the bottom of your balance issues and schedule a VNG balance evaluation with Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus.

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