Address your balance issues with FYZICAL® Therapy& Balance Center

Are physical limitations or pain impacting your ability to move, function and enjoy life?

As an official FYZICAL® Therapy and Balance Center, Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus is more than your typical physical therapy clinic. Our FYZICAL® therapists are experts in the evaluation and treatment of the human body.

Frustrated with Chronic Pain, Vertigo or other hard to diagnose pain?
It might be time to GET FYZICAL®!

The human body is a complex machine that functions with intricate connections between the brain, joints, muscles and bones. When something goes wrong in one area of the body, the human body will naturally compensate and oftentimes produce symptoms somewhere else.

For instance, sharp pains in your back may actually be caused by your feet. FYZICAL Therapists are trained to look at your body as a whole to trace your symptoms back to the actual cause of the issue.

Whatever ailment brings you to LENTS, our FYZICAL® therapists can help decrease your pain, restore your mobility and ensure your independence!

FYZICAL equipment and interior

Therapy Services Include:


Balance Therapy Program

Concussion & Vestibular Therapy

Hearing Aids

Hearing Testing

Request an appointment today with one of our FYZICAL® therapists and start loving your life again!

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