Hearing Aid Repair

Have your hearing aids repaired quickly and properly with Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus (LENTS).

Are the hearing aids that connect you with your world no longer working? Do they work but not as well as they used to?  

Over time, with use, the small parts on an aid may begin to wear and require repair or replacement parts. If your hearing aids need maintenance or repair, contact Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus today.

Our Process for Fixing Your Hearing Aids

Audiologists specialize in helping you improve your ability to hear and protect your hearing. They also know and understand the ins and outs of hearing aids. When you’re experiencing issues and concerned about the functionality of your hearing aids, take action and contact your LENTS audiologist.

Your audiologist will examine both your needs and the state of your hearing aids. Through this process, they will determine what next steps need to be taken.

If a minor repair is needed, it may be handled in our office in a matter of hours. Most repairs, however, are made by the hearing aid’s manufacturer. We can ship the aids to the manufacturer for repair. New parts for your aids may be covered under your current warranty. If your warranty no longer covers your hearing aids, repairs can still be made, but the cost of parts will not be covered by the manufacturer.

LENTS provides repair services to current and new patients. Even if your hearing aids were not fitted in our office, we can assist you in having them repaired.

Don’t settle with improperly working hearing aids. Get your hearing back on track today by contacting LENTS.

Frustrated by hearing loss? We can help!

Frustrated by sudden and unexplained hearing loss?

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