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The LENTS Quick Guide to Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are evolving pieces of technology that are capable of helping you hear better while comfortably fitting into your life. At Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus (LENTS), our hearing aid experts and experienced audiologists are well-versed in the leading hearing products and their manufacturers, and we’re ready to help you.

Our team trusts the products manufactured by Oticon and Widex, and we offer their full catalog of aids, hearing protection, and accessories. Combining their products with our care and expertise, you will be well on your way to preventing further hearing loss and improving your ability to hear with the aid of hearing devices and accessories.

To learn more about the types of hearing aids, hearing protection, and what Oticon and Widex can offer, read the LENTS Quick Guide to Hearing Aids below. When you'reready to discuss these products with our professional audiologists, schedule an appointment with LENTS.

Hearing Aid Styles

Regardless of the size of your ear and your personal sense of style, there are available options that will meet your wants and needs. Thanks to recent improvements in technology, small, discreet hearing aids can offer a wide range of additional features that were previously only available in larger aids.

Technology has also enabled new styles of hearing aids to be developed, which offer hearing loss sufferers many options to treat their specific type of hearing loss. Styles of hearing aids offered at LENTS includes:

  • ITE: In The Ear
  • BTE: Behind The Ear
  • Mini BTE
  • BTE with Earmolds
  • IIC: In The Canal (Invisible)
  • CIC: Completely In Canal
  • ITC: In The Canal
  • RITE: Receiver In The Ear
  • Full Shell

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Guard Against Hearing Loss: Hearing Protection Products

No matter what type of hearing loss you’ve suffered in the past or its severity, hearing protection products can guard against further loss while allowing you to continue your job or hobbies.

Hearing protection products, often referred to as “earplugs,” are not one-size-fits-all or all intended for the same level of protection. In general, earplugs are intended to protect the core parts of your ears from noise so loud that it could damage your hearing over time. Depending on your job or hobbies, the earplugs that are best suited to protect your hearing may need specific features and abilities.

For example, hearing protection products for a construction worker would not be suitable for a musician. A musician needs to protect their ears from loud, sustained sounds while being able to clearly hear music.

Hearing protection products available from LENTS include custom-designed earplugs for the following activities:

  • Music
  • Hunting
  • Motorsports
  • Watersports
  • And many more!

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Hearing Aids: Leading Manufacturers and Products Offered

The two primary manufacturers of high-quality hearing aids that we trust are Oticon and Widex. LENTS and our audiologists are well-versed in the specifics and benefits of each company’s offerings.

Oticon: Led by the Oticon Opn, Oticon manufactures many of the most highly-regarded hearing aids in the world. By integrating new technologies into their aids, Oticon devices can communicate with wireless devices and stream audio.

Oticon products and product lines include:

  • Oticon Opn
  • ZPower battery door
  • Alta2
  • Nera2
  • Ria2
  • Streamer Pro

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Widex: Widex changed what’s possible by becoming the first hearing aid manufacturer to provide completely digital “in the ear” hearing aids. Widex pairs their high-quality hearing aids with the Beyond App, which is an application that gives wearers unique capabilities, including being able to customize sound profiles based on location.

Widex products and product lines include:

  • The Beyond
  • Unique, Dream
  • Super
  • Com-Dex
  • Phone-Dex
  • Uni-Dex
  • Tv-Dex
  • Rc-Dex
  • T-Dex
  • FM+Dex
  • Beyond App

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