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When you’re suffering from hearing loss, it can be hard to feel like you’re a part of the same world as everyone else. At no fault of your own, your hearing loss leaves you out of conversations, activities, and prevents you from fully connecting with friends, family, your activities, and your work.

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Are you in need of a hearing aid upgrade? Are you a first-time hearing aid wearer who wants to get the most benefit from your aids instead of constantly switching from aid to aid? Schedule an appointment with Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus and continue reading below about the leading lines of hearing aids and accessories from Oticon.

Oticon Xceed

Are you in need of one of the most powerful hearing aids in the world? You’ve found it. Oticon Xceed allows you to hear more sound better without putting all of your time and energy in trying to make sense of your surroundings.

The Oticon Xceed is designed for those with severe or even profound hearing loss. It brings you clearer sounds, which will help improve your ability to communicate with others. They achieve this with BrainHearing™ technology, which works with your brain to process sounds.

The Oticon Xceed is recognized for its ability to:

  • Give you access to hear more speech.
  • Provide clear, detailed sound.
  • Avoid irritating howling-like sounds.
  • Connect to devices in just a couple of quick, easy steps.

Oticon OPN™

Pay attention to what matters to you. The massively popular Oticon OPN™ hearing aids allow you to listen to multiple speakers when you’re in a crowded, noisy environment, unlike other aids. You can quickly change what you’re paying attention to and lower noises that you don’t need or want to hear.

Oticon OPN S™

When you’re in an environment where hearing is difficult, Oticon OPN S™ can help you focus and hear what you want clearly. The OPN S™ system is technologically advanced and powerful, and can connect wirelessly to a wide range of wireless devices. The system charges quick using the miniRITE R and can last an entire day.

The Oticon OPN S™ was developed using the technology that’s behind the Oticon OPN system, and it brings additional functions and better sound quality to you.

Oticon OPN S miniRITE R

The Opn S miniRITE R is a small, discreet aid that is stylish, charges extremely fast (three-hour full charge), and has a quick recharge feature (30 minute charge for 5-6 hours of use). The OPN S miniRITE R is a reliable system that you don’t have to fiddle with (contact-free), and can connect to smart televisions, smartphones, and many Bluetooth® devices.

Oticon Siya

Every moment matters. The Oticon Siya helps you hear the rich sounds of life and comes with BrainHearing™ technology. Siya features incredible sound quality, wireless connectivity, noise reduction technology, and a wide selection of models and features so you look just as great as you can hear with these aids.

Oticon Dynamo

Available in many colors and coming in a small, portable case, the Oticon Dynamo is personalized and advanced to give you top of the line speech processing power. The Dynamo is designed for those with severe or profound hearing loss.

The Oticon App

The Oticon App can turn your Oticon hearing aids into versatile, convenient tools that make life clearer and easier. The Oticon App allows you to do the following:

  • Alter volume
  • Change programs
  • Monitor battery level and usages
  • Find counseling advice
  • Access instructions
  • And more!

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