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Hearing loss doesn’t have to control your life. With the right assistance and device, life can return to normal and even improve.

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You know that you need hearing assistance, but finding the right hearing aids can be difficult. Don’t settle for aids that don’t meet your needs or are decades behind the latest technology. Schedule an appointment with Louisiana Ear Nose Throat & Sinus to discuss how Widex products can work for you. After scheduling your appointment, read below about the Widex difference and their current hearing aid lines.

The Difference You Can Expect with Widex

The audiologists at LENTS work with Widex hearing aids and hearing solutions because of their high-quality aids, extensive selection, and helpful accessories. Instead of amplifying every sound, Widex hearing aids focus on amplifying the right sounds. Widex also offers several models with the advanced rechargeable option, including EVOKE, FUSION2, Z, and BEYOND Z™.

Widex Hearing Solutions: High-Quality Aids That May Work for You

Widex EVOKE™

Widex EVOKE™ hearing aids utilize machine learning and are the world’s first “smart” hearing aids. They adapt to your needs and preferences, giving you a unique, personalized hearing experience.

EVOKE™ aids can be controlled by your smartphone. However, with automatic real-time updates and adjustments, you won’t have to manually adjust your aids to achieve optimal hearing. The system changes based on your experiences and information from other users. This means that your aids will continue to improve over time. In other words, there’s a lot to look forward to with Widex EVOKE™ aids.

Reasons hearing aid wearers choose Widex EVOKE™ include:

  • Faster processing
  • Technological advancements that lead to a better, clearer sound
  • Real-time adjustments that adapt to your location
  • Flexible options, including a wide range of colors and technology levels

Widex Custom™

Widex Custom™ is an “in the ear” hearing aid system that is discreet, high-performing, and based on the best existing hearing aid technology. Widex Custom’s can capture a wider range of sounds than competing in the ear options, and automatically determine how to adjust in real-time to pick up the sounds you need to hear.


Push limits with Widex BEYOND™, the hearing aid built for your iPhone® or Android™ device. Using Bluetooth technology, Widex BEYOND™ connects with your smartphone using the BEYOND App. WIth access to the app, you can create your own settings and control your hearing experience.

Widex BEYOND™ comes in three levels and over a dozen colors to choose from. Features include:

  • Easy swipe technology.
  • Customizable settings and programs.
  • Streamlined connection to your smartphone.
  • Increased speech recognition and understanding abilities.
  • Clear audio streaming (phone, music, television).
  • Extended battery life.


Widex UNIQUE hearing aids earned their name because of their unique ability to outperform similar products from competitors. Widex UNIQUE can also:

  • Provide a wide sound “picture,” which captures soft and loud sounds.
  • Reduce wind noise.
  • Adjust to your environment.

Regardless of if you’re active and constantly changing environments, or simply want an adaptive and high-performing set of hearing aids, Widex UNIQUE can help. Widex UNIQUE come in both behind the ear (BTE) and in the ear models (ITE), and are available in a full range of colors (14 for BTE and three for ITE).

Widex Hearing Aid Accessories

Hearing aid accessories from Widex further connect you with the world and simplify activities and necessities. Available accessories make phone calls easier, enhance time spent watching television, enable you to connect to audio devices, and more. Widex accessories include the following products:

  • COM-DEX: Stay connected with your smartphone with the help of COM-DEX from Widex and the COM-DEX App. COM-DEX, which hangs around your neck, communicates with phones and Bluetooth-enabled devices to allow you to stream audio hands-free and take control of your listening experience.
  • COM-DEX REMOTE MIC: Don’t miss the details of important conversations. The COM-DEX Remote Mic makes hearing easier in difficult environments. The Remote Mic can connect to your devices wirelessly and attaches to your shirt or other place near where you’re having a conversation.
  • UNI-DEX: UNI-DEX allows you to stream sound to your device and have hands-free conversations through your smartphone or Skype. The system works by sending signals from your phone, using a mini-jack cable, to UNI-DEX, which hangs comfortably around your neck.
  • CALL-DEX: Stream discreetly from your mobile phone to your Widex device using CALL-DEX. CALL-DEX streams conversations by communicating from your smartphone to your devices by plugging into your phone’s jack.
  • PHONE-DEX: Use your landline phone with ease through PHONE-DEX, the Widex cordless phone that sends clear sound to your hearing aids. The phone will be loved and can easily be used by your entire family.
  • TV-DEX: You don’t have to give up TV because of hearing loss. Stream uninterrupted audio in real-time with TV-DEX from Widex.
  • RC-DEX: RC-DEX makes controlling your aids, including changing the volume and other functions, quick and easy. The remote control is compact and can easily fit in your pocket.
  • FM+DEX: Do you love listening to your favorite FM stations? Stay in tune with your favorite radio shows with FM+DEX, which streams high-quality sound to your hearing aids. With an added line-in function, FM+DEX also allows you to use it as a telecoil in meetings or conference rooms.

Visit LENTS to experience the difference with Widex. Ask questions, view available options, and learn more by scheduling an appointment with our audiologists today!

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